Gnome Sculpture Decor - Flipping Middle Finger, silver (Sponti 1994-2006)

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Outdoor or Indoor Naughty Art Statue - Molded Plastic - Large 14.57" x 6.69" x 3.94" inches Find out more

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Description « Gnome Sculpture Decor - Flipping Middle Finger, silver (Sponti 1994-2006) »

Gnome Sculpture Decor - Flipping Middle Finger silver by Ottmar Hörl
(Sponti 1994-2006)

Multiple Editions 1994/2006
Our gnome art sculpture is Toxic-Free, Weatherproof, Break-proof plastic.
Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor use.

Dimensions: 14.57" x 6.10" x 4.92" Inches.
Weights: 1 LB 0.2 OZ.

The name of the artist is engraved on the heel
Available in color: Gold, Silver, Blue, Black, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, White, Pink

Possibility of ordering an edition signed by the artist, collection 250 copies

In 2006, Ottmar Hörl finalized the current design of the Sponti gnome.
"Unlike all other garden gnomes, Hörl's gnomes are distinguished by their reduction to the essentials: characteristic elements such as beard, jacket, trousers and shoes are deliberately rendered in a clean shape. a new look, both timeless and universal at the same time, in fact, Hörl's gnomes are the formal essence of the garden gnome as such.A difference becomes evident when comparing gnomes ( Sponti) created in 1994 with those of 2006. By developing his own models for the Gnomes, Ottmar Hörl has managed to capture the essence of the Garden Gnome as an iconic archetype of cultural history, so it is not surprising that the characters have attained cult status.
Eva Schickler, art historian M.A.

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Gnome Sculpture Decor - Flipping Middle Finger, silver (Sponti 1994-2006)